"My introduction to essential oils"

Kelly West of Winchester Bloggers was invited to an event introducing her to the health benefits of essential oils and it proved to be an evening to remember.

On Tuesday evening I attended an event hosted by Oriental Lillies showcasing essential oils. With zero experience in this area, I went along purely to find out more so that I could return home and research the product in more depth. 

On entering the class I was greeted with a magnificent smell from one of the oils which was diffused into the room. Immediately after I caught sight of a selection of appetising food that was an important feature later on in the evening. 

After a short time socialising with other visitors to the class, we sat down and listened to Liz and Laura from Oriental Lillies explain the background behind the oils. This gave just enough information about the various oils and their capabilities without bombarding us.

The presentation then moved onto an intriguing proposition: what if natural essential oils could replace your entire medicine cabinet?  Liz and Laura then showcased the ten oils that comprise "nature's medicine cabinet'.  Trying the various oils and learning how they can help aliments ranging from headaches and upset stomachs to muscle pains and anxiety, was eye-opening.

Then came the food! We were invited to try a range of foods which included some of the essential oils.  My highlights were the lemon hummus and orange yogurt, delicious as carrot and pineapple dips retrospectively.

Having attended the evening purely to learn, I was so impressed by the oils and the non-salesy approach of Liz and Laura that I decided to purchase the ten oils I'd been introduced to and the accompanying book.  I shall be reporting my findings soon.  Early signs are very positive, I managed to cure my husband of a headache using nothing more than peppermint oil which bodes well for the rest of my journey!

The event was held at Rawberry juice bar and cafe in Winchester. This venue is a new one on my radar and so attending the Oriental Lillies event meant I got to try the incredible food and smoothies offered by the team at Rawberry too.  Not only is it a great place for some healthy food and drink, it's a great event venue.  I'm considering holding events there in future for Winchester Bloggers so once again, watch this space.