Nature's medicine cabinet

Out with the old ...

Are you tired of taking pharmaceutical "remedies" for your family's health issues? Liz of Oriental Lillies agrees.

I have always been interested in homeopathy, aromatherapy and alternative medicine and my daughter Laura and I have traditionally erred on this side for health and well being, even from when she was very small. 

When I travelled a lot internationally with work, if I needed any type of medication it had to be easy to take with me and to have the ability to prescribe myself...hence my reliance on homeopathy and alternative medicine. I very rarely take any type of medication but when I do I want to make those choices myself, I want to know what is in the medication I am putting into my body.

I was very fortunate to be introduced to essential oils in October last year. I could not believe the ability of all the oils to have multiple uses from helping with a myriad of health issues, to cooking and cleaning. Each oil has a strong emotional element too, moving me away from my old reliance on everyday pharmaceutical medication and cleaning products that are silently damaging my lungs and body. 

I am now a passionate advocate of essential oils, so, together with my husband Paul, have started Oriental Lillies, as an introduction for others to the wonderful health and emotional benefits of essential oils, to show the path you can follow to learn more about the oils, which I can truly say have transformed my life.

Now when we want to do the best in terms of our family's health and wellness, we turn to Nature's medicine cabinet ... consisting of essential oils made from natural plants, fruits and flowers. To learn more, or to "test drive" essential oils, check out our Oriental Lillies website.

And watch this space for future blog posts on Nature's medicine cabinet. 

These pictures show just some of the essential oils that we use, all made from naturally-occurring plants, fruits and flowers...Wild Orange, Vetiver, Geranium, Juniper Berry, Cinnamon Bark, Helichrysum, Douglas Fir, Frankincense and Oregano.