Heels and Honey - Beef & Coconut Curry

Not sure of what to cook for tonight's dinner? Check out the latest recipe from @lubyhowden of Heels and Honey.

Coconut & Beef Curry



2 tablespoons of coconut oil

250g of diced lean beef

1 Large aubergine, cut in to medium chunks

2 large white onions, cut into wedges

2 tbsp of yellow Thai curry paste

2 tbsp of Waitrose frozen Thai spice mix

1 can of coconut milk

1 handful of desiccated coconut

1 tbsp of brown sugar

2 large handfuls of fresh spinach

1 fresh red chilli

1 handful of fresh coriander



• In a large pan, warm coconut oil over medium-high heat.

• Place the beef in the pan once hot and brown on all sides (cook for around 8 minutes)

• Add the onions, aubergine, curry paste & Waitrose Thai spice mix then cook for another 8-10 minutes

• Pour in the coconut milk & add the brown sugar.

• Give it a good mix and pop the lid on the pan and cook on low until the beef is nice & tender (I usually cook for 4 to 5 hours)

• Once the beef is tender, add the fresh spinach and desiccated coconut then leave to cook for a further 10 minutes

• Dish the curry up in to bowls & sprinkle with the red chilli & fresh coriander

• Serve with rice & enjoy