Learning about the life-saving power of Reiki

Reiki can literally save lives as this blog explains

Reiki can literally save lives as this blog explains

Amanda Apps uses jikiden reiki to fix many physical and mental problems demonstrated by her clients. Yes as her latest blog explains, in some instances, its powers have literally been life-saving.

So I am going to take you back a few years …

My husband was working away and I had an emergency call from him to say that he’d been in an accident!  He had been in an accident!  He had been on site and had driven a scissor lift over his foot.  Thankfully he was wearing his steel toe capped boots but he had broken his metatarsal in his foot.  After a visit to A&E it was a prescription of a plastic boot, an elevated foot for a few weeks and, of course, the prescription from me of lots of jikiden reiki.

So every day I did at least an hour of jikiden reiki – even sometimes up to three hours.  However, after about three weeks there was further trauma when the scuffed skin on the top of the foot began to turn black!

So we took a trip to A&E and were through the throngs of people, interviewed by the triage nurse and out into a cubicle in about fifteen minutes.  This then resulted in many questions on whether my husband had a temperature, was eating, sleeping, feeling unwell at all, been sick – all replies were met with a vehement no.  In fact, he felt so well and they were so busy that he even suggested that he came back the following day.  He was admitted and told that he was not far off losing his foot to gangrene.

An operation later revealed that the break in the bone was only part of the problem as there was a large blood clot above it which had caused the gangrene.

I am positive that the jikiden reiki kept the clot contained in the foot and the infection in the area too.  Had the clot dislodged the consequences could have been far more serious.

So on leaving the hospital we then had another wound to deal with …

The Doctor advised that the healing of this open wound on the foot would take months and months and so began a regular daily bout of jikiden reiki along with an elevated foot and plenty of rest.

While I carried out the daily treatments my husband said that it almost felt like the wound was being knitted together.  It tingled and he had strange sensations that he would not normally feel in his foot and apart from the fact that it was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.

Over the course of the next eleven weeks I carried out these daily treatments.  There was never any sign of infection, redness or worry of the gangrene returning. 

Eventually the wound completely healed and although there is a small “seven shaped” scar there are no lasting effects.  No aching in cold weather or skin problems at all and no difficulty in walking in any way.

I am positive that the Jikiden Reiki managed to keep the initial clot and subsequent infection contained in one area so that it did not move around the body.  It could not heal the whole infection but it did at least mean that the rest of the body was kept well with no problems with sepsis or clots moving to the lungs, brain or heart.

I am thankful everyday for the positive effect of reiki …

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