How to look more youthful

Looking for some beauty secrets for how to look younger? Beauty blogger Sarah Bacchus gives us some great advice.

I'm always told I look a lot younger than my 46 years and I’m always asked about how to look incredibly fresh and youthful. Well I have a few little secrets that I migrate towards when I know I need to look my best. They aren’t time consuming but I have a few little makeup artist tricks that every woman needs to know!

One of the main and obvious tings is good skincare, but things don't stop there. I will delve deeper into lots of areas over the coming articles. Today I want to chat about wrinkles and how to look that little bit more youthful using makeup!

I have a few definitive go to makeup products for looking revitalised, younger and fresher. 

The single most important thing, being a more mature woman, you can do is swap from your powders to creams or liquids when it comes to blushers and highlighters. You don't have to bin all of the products you have, but the finishing touches should always be fluid. 

The main thing to remember is that your powder foundations, the mineral foundations and the compact powders, the blushers and most highlighters are making you look older. Harsh but true ladies.

Walk away from baking of the under eye area, a trend we are seeing on many younger girls. This isn't practical when your of a certain age. All this will do is draw attention to even the smallest of lines and wrinkles.

Here is a list of my go to essentials, the products I grab and can't live without. The items that help me look dewy and younger when I know I’m going to be having a picture taken, going out or for those days when I want to just look my best.

  1. Liquid foundation mixed with By Terrys CC cream for a really lovely all over dewy finish. Adding a serum to your foundation will benefit your skin and create a more youthful glow.
  2. Soft cream blusher really makes cheeks look youthful over harsh powder that sits in every little wrinkle. If you can’t get a good shade then use your lipstick. A little makeup trick that I always suggest to my clients when doing makeup lessons with them. Use your powders by all means but the finishing pop of product should be soft and creamy to create a lit from within feel.
  3. Highlighter should also be approached with caution as it can instantly make the wearer look 10 years older if applied with a heavy hand. Highlighters in liquid form or mixing your existing powders with a little Advanced Night Repair from Este Lauder. This will transform any product into a sheer radiant veil. And give your skin a helping hand in the process.

Check out my little video filmed in Piquant. One of our favourite bars we love here at Winchester bloggers. In the video I give you a few tips on how to use Advance night repair mixed with various products!

There you have it, it's fairly simple and when you take the plunge and switch to these new products you will find you look years younger instantly.

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Lots of love Sarah x

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