News from the treatment room - Migraines


The other week I had two young people visit my treatment room on two different occasions but for the same problem ...

An appointment was booked after a young mum had tried to book with their own NHS GP.  They were overstretched due to the ongoing flu epidemic and were not taking any appointments unless it was an emergency and her migraine was not deemed thus.


Three days into the migraine and the world was imploding for this young woman.  Life was reduced to lying on the sofa unable to speak, see, in fact, with four young children she was desperate.  Luckily she had the help of her family but having noticed that this was becoming a monthly event she was feeling that she could not go on relying on her family.  She had adequate medication from the Doctor but was finding that this was not helping to reduce the pain levels or the length of time that these migraines were lasting.

She arrived, her body hunched, her eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses even on a miserably cold, damp, wet day.  She was barely able to string more than 2 words together the pain was so intense.  She was feeling sick and was exhausted.

After removing shoes and lying down, a blanket was put over her in my warm room while she kept her eyes lightly closed.  My hands were placed gently on and around her head while music gently played in the background.

After around an hour the treatment was complete and she slowing opened her eyes.  “I can see” were her only words as a small smile filled her face.

The Jikiden Reiki energy carries on adjusting and rebalancing the body for up to 24 hours and I very often find that a difference is really felt after a good sleep.  However, on this occasion, a benefit was found literally at the end of the treatment.  She also felt less nauseas and was calm.

The following day she sent a text “my headache has completely gone I have no headache at all! Still some neck pain but the migraine is gone.  You are truly magic and I’m so lucky to have you as a mender of all my brokenness!  Thank you so much for being there when I was borderline heading to A&E”

On the second occasion I was contacted by a client who had visited some six months earlier for a problem with ongoing headaches and migraines.  They had tried everything from analysing diet, fitness, hydration and college without any success and wondered if Jikiden Reiki could help in some way.  Six months ago they had come along not really knowing what a treatment would involve or whether it could help or not.  However, even after a single treatment they noticed a difference.

Their migraines disappeared for a time but that after a few months they noticed that the migraines were creeping back into their life.  They decided to book in for another treatment – they enjoyed the fact that they could just remove their shoes and lie down and relax.  I spent my time purely with my hands laid gently on and around their head.

At the end of the hour they said that they could literally feel the pressure subsiding in their head.  They said that my warm hands felt so hot and yet when they felt my hands they were no warmer than their own!

Needless to say the migraines seem to have subsided for now and I have told them both to keep an eye on whether they feel that they are creeping back and if they sense any change to give me a call to book in for a booster of Jikiden Reiki.

What do you have to lose? …

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