Local Housing for Local People

Securing your dream home in Winchester may become easier with the Winchester Housing Trust.

For many the thought of living in their own home is a long and distant dream. House prices have risen faster than salary increases, mortgage companies have made lending more difficult, the private rented sector has become over inflated due to the lack of regulation and the demand on public sector housing is near on unachievable.

This situation is further exacerbated for people and families who live in rural communities and who want to remain living in these communities that they grew up in. Typically house prices in these areas are over inflated and there is a general lack of affordable housing to rent in the areas

Winchester Housing Trust

This is where Winchester Housing Trust can help rural communities. Winchester Housing Trust was incorporated in 1987 with a clear objective to provide low cost housing for sale or rent in those communities with the greatest demand. The values of the Trust are based on family values and we hold the wellbeing of our residents as our highest priority.

The challenge for the Trust and for rural communities is the level of supply of willing land owners who are prepared to engage with us and work with their communities to help improve the housing situations for the families in their villages.

There are many benefits for landowners to offer land for development, much of this land may have been unused for a number of years. Affordable Housing in a community helps to secure the continuation of village life, providers homes close to jobs and keeps families living close together.

Winchester Housing Trust works with Landowners to help navigate the issues or rural development and also parish councils to generate support and help to make the project a success. Our aim is to be able to provide quality affordable to people throughout the Winchester district.

If you are a landowner or live in a parish in the Winchester area and need affordable housing in your area to sustain your communities we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Please contact us on enquries@winchesterhousingtrust.co.uk or visit our website for further information.