Alcoholic Weight Loss

Our newest blogger David Thrower gives some amazing news about drinking and looking after your body.

David Thrower

Can you drink and still burn fat away ? 

A question I’ve been asked by clients and friends countless times. Can I still have the odd glass of Wine and still achieve my weight loss goals ?

Yes you can …. and here’s why. 

If your partial to a cold one on the weekend, or a sophisticated glass of red. Then yes you can actually still enjoy a bit of life whilst your on a fitness kick…. Without a doubt !

Is it the best thing to be doing if your main goal is shed belly fat ? Probably not no. However will it completely derail all of your hard work? Hell no! 

Fat loss will come from slightly restricting overall caloric intake and training. As long your accounting for the caloric content of your drink then you can still achieve your targets. 

Losing weight or building a better body shouldn’t mess up your entire social life. Yes you will have to be mindful of how much alcohol your drinking, just as you would with how much food your eating. 

David Thrower

I personally am not the biggest drinker, I’d far rather eat my calories. However Im aware that socialising is a large part of most of my clients lives. If I ask them to stop drinking at all costs, I’ve just made unnecessary restrictions. This will just create social anxiety and draw attention from his or her friends. ‘oh your not drinking ? Why not ?? Your on a diet ? But you’ve been on diets before, go on it won’t hurt you etc etc.  The last thing I want is to create unwanted stress and awkwardness  for my client wishing to just drop some lbs. Unsustainable plans will not get you results! 

What constitutes a healthy lifestyle in my opinion is having a balance of both discipline and enjoyment. You can drink the odd glass or pint here and there if that means you’l be happier. 

David Thrower