Can eating a donut a day help you maintain a healthy diet? 

A donut a day for fat loss? Sounds crazy but personal trainer David Thrower explains why.

Amongst the fitness and Instagram tribes it seems that smashing 7 donuts on a Saturday is perfectly acceptable …… Just as long as you validate it by hash tagging it a cheat or re-feed-day !!

Don’t worry you’ll still achieve results as you can get back on your clean eating the next day!!! ….Yeah, course you will! 

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Smashing 10,000 calories on the weekend having spent a large part of your week starving yourself is not going to do anything but cause a poor relationship with food. 

How about this instead?
….. You set your calories to a slight deficit as opposed to a restrictive steep one. Next you comply to your calories targets every day including the weekend! And those 7 donuts you destroyed in one day? Just have 1 every day…….Yes a donut per day and still shed fat.

Let’s say a female looking to drop body fat needs to eat 1800 calories per day to burn fat. (This is not the same number for everyone, Just for the sake of this article)

A typical yo-yo dieter will do something like this

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Super restrictive all week, going too low on food intake, she gets to the weekend and now think’s I've earned this treat !  Eats a food that she normally bans during the week,, feels guilty and thinks  that she's failed. “Screw it” I may as-well enjoy today and start again Monday! Spending the weekend binging on the food’s she bans during the week. 

The Problem is …… Her weekly total intake is now at 21 calories. 

She needed 12,600 per week to achieve her calorie deficit …… So no fat loss results now. However she think oh it’s cool, I eat so well most of the time it won’t harm me. 

If she had just stuck to her 1800 Daily, not only would she have hit a net total of 12,600 Kcals and achieved her goal. She would have had enough flexibility within her diet to factor in most of the foods she banned. One Donut is around 250 kcal’s ….… Easily put into her 1800 ……. even daily if she wanted too. Results achieved whilst eating pretty palatable and tasty foods right. 

Don’t be a sheep…. Don’t follow….. If you want a dam donut, a Chocolate bar, or a Glass of Wine…. Then have one. The more you restrict your diet, the harder it becomes to sustain. 

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