News From the Treatment Room - and a Fantastic May Offer

Resident blogger Amanda Apps gives us this months low down from the treatment room.

Another busy week once again with someone who just wanted to be still …

Amanda Apps blog

A hectic week for them with appointments, schedules to keep, tooth extractions for their child and all the stress and Mummy guilt that ensues even though it was because an adult tooth was trying to come through when the milk tooth was still there.  Coupled with car troubles – so what could be better than a spell in the treatment room?

They decided on a Neal’s Yard Facial combined with Jikiden Reiki.  Neal’s Yard products are all organic, not tested on animals and contain no parabens or silicones.  They are expensive but only fragranced with essential oils and therefore you need only a minimal amount each day and so they last for a long time ~ does you body deserve less?

We discussed her skin type and any problems with her physically and then progressed to lying down and being covered in that fleecy blanket.  We began with a little White Tea Enriching Face Mask.  This is a light clay mask which is from the Neal’s Yard sensitive range and smells amazing – just like a spa.  A Face Mask only needs to be applied once a week maximum so a jar does last for a very long time.  Once the mask is applied then the treatment progresses with ten minutes of Jikiden Reiki with my hands placed first on the crown of the head, then over the ears and the cupping under the back of the skull.  This is very relaxing and means that I can assess the balance of energy in the body, ear and eye probems, headaches and even insomnia.

The face mask is removed with warm water and then the cleanser applied.  I then commence a facial drainage massage to all areas of the face.  Afterwards the cleanser is removed with warm water and then toner is applied to remove all remnants of the cleanser and help to plump up the skin.  White Tea Toning Eye Gel is applied gently around the eyes and then a light facial oil is gently massaged into the face.  This is then massaged across the back of the shoulders and onto any knots between the shoulders, across the top of the back and up the neck.   This helps to release those knots and then I help to stretch the neck muscles by pulling the head gently.  The top of the neck and base of the skull at the back is massaged and then onto the scalp which is massaged to complete this part of the facial and then I place my hands back onto the crown of the head.

I carry on with Jikiden Reiki to the head and shoulders for around twenty-five minutes while the lady continues to relax and rebalance.

A light daily moisturiser finishes the facial part of the treatment and provides a top coat to the face before a sprinkling of lip gloss is applied to the lips.

The treatment concludes with a light brushing along the arms and then onto the legs.  Finally there is a cupping massage on the legs in order to get the systems of the body restarted and also give a little blast of reiki energy.

The client was beautifully relaxed and she said that her mind drifted between scenes of stars, waterfalls and mountains and had been completely still – a rare treat.  So often we spend no time on ourselves, let along give our minds permission to stop and switch off …

With this treatment the clients face was glowing and plumped with no need of make up ~ just looking natural and peachy pink.  They were feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the week and all it could bring.

Don’t you need to stop – just for an hour?  You are allowed to give yourself permission in the treatment room and during May you will be pleased to hear that there is a May Madness Promotion where this treatment is reduced to only £20!  Book yourself into the treatment room now while there are still spaces …

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