Play it safe or make a statement with tile choices?

A pyramid of handmade tiles gives your room a unique and striking focal point

A pyramid of handmade tiles gives your room a unique and striking focal point

Tiles can complete the look of a room like no other material, yet fear means we often choose the safe option. Caroline Egleston of Piccolpasso Handmade Tiles says its time to get personal and unleash our creativity to transform our home design.

Perhaps its time constraints. You may be confused by choice. Or you may be fearful that your choices will prematurely date your room. Regardless of why, when it comes to tile choices, many of us opt for the safe but uninteresting option.

Often categorised alongside bricks and other building materials, tiles can be seen as a construction item. But this is missing an opportunity. Here is the chance to be bold and brave. If you do, you create artistry on the wall and then enjoy the result for many years.

This is why I began making tiles by hand. The difference between an 'off the shelf' tile and a line of handmade tiles is immeasurable. Yet because you only need a small selection of hand made tiles, achieving the look doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a few will look sparky, spontaneous and, yes, different!

What about a pyramid arrangement (pictured)? Eye-catching, yet calm and grounded. Set among large plain tiles, a tile pyramid looks contemporary but with subtly decorative tiles. The textures, colours and patterns each catch the light and play off each other in a fascinating way.

In the calm atmosphere of my studio workshop near Winchester, I’m very happy to discuss the possibilities and give you time. I love people to have fun chinking through my tiles and pulling out whatever appeals, arranging, re-arranging and coming up with their own special eclectic mix of tiles. Creative, collaborative and stress free! And the end result is a design that is unique and beautiful.