Introducing the 'Winchester Insider' and her love for the city

Welcome the latest addition to our Winchester Blogger family, Emily - 'The Winchester Insider' kicks off with her first blog. She gives us an introduction to her and her love of our wonderful city.

Welcome to the Winchester Insider and a little introduction to blog that has already brought me so much please in writing. I am a 28 year old Vet working and living in Winchester since 2016. A new job brought me and my 2 year old Springer Spaniel to the area and having never thought about living here before, the city has won me over in a very short space of time. This summer I have become engrossed in the variety of what it has to offer and can't wait to find out what it has in store in the future. After feeling that my friends who don't live here may get bored of my constant chatter and Instagram posts, I thought why not write it all down for other people who live here, or even just paying a visit, to encourage them to share in the same Winchester experience as we are! 

For me Winchester has the whole package and after travelling, attending two universities and doing an internship in Devon for a year this was something I was craving and wanting in an area to settle down in. It's not just the amazing food and drink spots, the incredible architecture and picturesque scenery or the compelling history and non stop events and festivals. It's the lifestyle it provides, with so many opportunities to enjoy life and gain new experiences no matter your age or interests. Since starting this blog I have found that there is such an increasing sense of unique culture and the independent nature of the businesses, that take huge advantage of their surroundings, is one to be admired. I have been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from other bloggers on social media who obviously share my passion for the city and a group I am proud to be apart of. 

A huge part of my life is my SpringerSpaniel Ted and he has brought so much joy, love and mischief into my life for the last 2 years. He dictates and encourages a large amount my Winchester experience and so plays a key role in my social media journey. I hope this appeals to other dog lovers reading my blog and encourages them to try out new spots with their four legged friends. Fortunately he is a very well trained pub dog and the pit stops are just as important as the walks themselves! 

The aim of this blog is to share our life in Winchester with people of all ages and interests who have a connection with the city and to hopefully spread my love for it. I am not just a foodie, photograph taker and dog lover but a wino, a gin enthusiast, budding historian, a sportswomen , a fashionista (sometimes), a cook and baker, a vegetable grower and increasingly an art music I hope I can share things that appeal to everyone. I don't know where it will go but if it ever became a point of reference on a rainy day I would be thrilled. Any suggestions of new things or places to try please get in contact. Enjoy! 

Feel free to contact me through my Instagram page or email on the