Career Launch Pad blasts off in Winchester

When Google’s top 10 of ‘How To’ search features ‘how to write a cover letter’ at the number 8 spot, it cannot be ignored that when it nestles only slightly lower than ‘how to kiss’ and ‘how to lose weight’, that there are a lot of people out there who need help in their job search and job application process.  This is why Winchester-based recruiter, Liz Buckley from CV Café Recruitment is teaming up with ex-colleague and now coach, Alison Prangnell from Anderida Coaching for The Career Launch Pad Roadshow, launching in Winchester on the 7th October.

Liz and Alison

Both Liz and Alison come from a common goal, helping people not only apply for jobs with greater success but also to help them improve their performance in the job interview process so that they are better able to win that much-wanted job.

“The reality is, “ comments Liz, “that the majority of applications and CVs received by either recruiters or employers are badly put together and candidates are failing to realise how much these first impressions count.”

Statistics reveal that on average it takes a recruiter just 6 -10 seconds to make a decision on whether to shortlist a CV.  It’s a scary statistic, meaning a huge amount of people that are probably ideal for a role, just aren’t making the first cut.  

“Over the years as both a recruiter and a recruiting manager within businesses, I have seen and experienced this first-hand,” adds Alison.  “Spelling mistakes and bad presentation are probably the most-common faults but it also runs to content and how that is communicated and are you really representing yourself in the best possible light for that job. When you’re reviewing CVs, you’re very busy and you need to see at first glance that the CV has the skills you’re looking for.”

The second challenge comes when those that do make the first cut are interviewed and commonly, lack of preparation trips up candidates again and again.  Worse, and just as common, candidates knowing what the job is about or yawning and saying, ‘sorry they didn’t catch that, they were a bit tired from a late night out’.  Yes, that really does happen.

Job application on an ipad

In 2016 there were 8% fewer graduate jobs across the UK and on average 118 applications per job; now, looking for a job has become a job in itself.  The CV Launch Pad Roadshow and its newly-launched Facebook networking group are designed to highlight the skills and key tips candidates need to really move their job search forward in a competitive environment.  

The Career Launch Pad workshop will cover not just how to write a CV and applications but also interview preparation, questions, the effect of body language, what to expect from recruiters and just as importantly, the elements that can help you stand out from the crowd.  The event is open to anyone that is looking to put some rocket fuel in their job search and the Winchester event takes place on the 7th October at the Mercure Wessex Winchester Hotel.  To register for the event, click here.

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