Introducing the Specnecklace

Resident beauty blogger Sarah Bacchus shares her love for the new Specnecklace accessory.

Sarah Bacchus

Do you wear glasses but are always loosing them, misplacing them or just constantly walking around looking for them? Well there is a new accessory to help you with all your problems! I have a very stylish answer for you ladies and thats Specnecklace. Its a brilliant, trend setting and stylish accessory that means you won't ever loose or stretch your glasses or sunglasses ever again!

Gone are the days of messing up your beautifully groomed hair, snagging your locks on those pesky frames and breaking your glasses when you accidentally sit on them! And if thats not enough they are set to be one of the hottest glasses accessory of 2018.

Do you love to look up to the minute? Do you like to look as stylish as humanly possible? Do you wear sunglasses or reading glasses? Do you live with someone who wears glasses? Do you loose them just when you need them? If your answer is yes to even one of these questions then these stunning necklaces are your solution to keeping your glasses safe and to hand in a beautiful and fashionable way!

Sarah Bacchus Specknecklace

I really can't live without my Specnecklace! Especially when I'm on photoshoots. I'm constantly putting my glasses down and it drives me insane if I loose a new pair of sunglasses....even if most of my family and followers hate these vampy new ones featured here, I'd like to keep them for a while if thats ok!

They also help me from messing up my delightful head scarf when my hair needs its roots retouching! A very minor thing but all these daily hassles add up girls. As little stress in life is the key to true happiness, don't you think!

Sarah Bacchus Specknecklace

Specnecklace comes in 3 different beautiful colours that work with all manner of options in your wardrobe and all of them have the same stunning design with a lovely diamond embellished bead, faux leather cord and a secure little magnetised clip for easy release. They literally go with anything. I reach for mine every morning without fail. I'm often asked where my gorgeous necklace is from and when I show off that it's actually a functional spectacle accessory it always meets great excitement. 

Head over to Instagram and follow Specnecklace as you will see all the range. I helped with the photography recently and since I've owned mine it has come in so useful! 

My outfit: New Look jeans, H&M heels, Marks & Spencer cashmere jumper, Sass & Edge bomber jacket, Zara sunglasses, Kate Whyley scarf, Topshop bag & Specnecklace life saver glasses holder!