How do you deal with an angry child?

In her latest News from the Treatment Room blog, Reiki practitioner Amanda Apps addresses an extremely upsetting topic, dealing with an angry child.

So the other week I was approached by a Mum that I hadn’t seen for a long time.  In fact, the story begins nearly four years earlier …

What is the right way to deal with angry child?

What is the right way to deal with angry child?

At the time her young child was becoming more and more angry and unreasonable.  She was unable to establish whether it was school itself or friendships or just over tiredness or even a growth spurt.  It meant that home life was becoming more and more difficult as his rages and erratic responses to any question or rebuke were becoming uncontrollable, often lasting for the whole evening.  It meant that the other siblings were bearing the effects of his behaviour as well as the parents.

A check with the school and the behaviour was exemplary – in fact they were completely aghast that he was having any problems whatsoever.

However, this was now affecting all members of the family with everyone treading on “egg shells”.

There are two main treatments with Jikiden Reiki, the first being a physical treatment and the other is a psychological treatment which can be used for fears, phobias but also other issues such as anger.  However, with the treatment of a child it is not recommended to use the psychological session for a child under the age of around 14 or 15 years. This is because they are normally unable to properly identify the trigger or reason for their behaviour.  Therefore, I would merely use the standard physical treatment for up to an hour depending on how long the child is willing to sit still and relax.  On this occasion I treatment for around 45 minutes with my hands solely around the head.

The transformation started almost immediately when the following day she reported that she had collected the child from school.  Once in the car the child started to get cross and shout but unlike the normal behaviour the situation was easily dissipated and came to nothing.  This was unheard of and she was astounded at the difference and she felt that she had her child back.  

Fast forward to the other day and the Mum reported that unfortunately the child over time has returned to the irrational rages.

Within two treatments there was a pronounced difference with his behaviour returning to a placid and amicable child again.

What I find, personally, with Jikiden Reiki and with my nearly 10 years of experience is that with an issue such as this, that the behaviour or issue may rear its ugly head again at a later date which may be some months or even years later. Whether it is anger or anxiety as soon as you notice the issue bubbling up and starting to affect your life it is best to book an appointment.   I find that each time the issue can be dealt with very easily and normality resumed within even one treatment ~ it is almost as if the body accepts the energy and rebalancing of the body and reverses back to the changed behaviour even quicker than the first time. 

The parent is ecstatic as their child is back being happy, relaxed and recharged and altogether much happier within himself as well as his family around him.

How lovely for me to know that he is once again, back to his normal self and ready to face the teenage world …

Amanda Apps is Jikiden Reiki practitioner based in Hursley. Learn more about Amanda and the services she offers here.

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