Top tips for your summer holiday

As the summer holidays fast approach, Travel Counsellor Kate Self gives us some helpful tips to help your holiday go as smoothly as possible.

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  • Travel Insurance – Always ensure that you have adequate travel insurance that covers the destination that you are travelling to and the whole family. A few years ago, so of the high street banks change the cover that they included with some bank accounts from worldwide cover to Europe only, so if you are using your bank insurance, double check that the destination you are travelling to. Don’t forget that if you are travelling to Europe, have a valid EHIC card as well as travel insurance firms will normally ask if you used this to get reciprocal treatment costs before claiming. EHIC cards are available for free at .
  • Passports – Depending on where you are travelling, it is advised or required that you need upto 6 months validity on your passports. This is something that should be double checked at the booking stage, but do check your passports again now in case yours or a member of your family’s passport is due to or already has expired so that you have time to renew it rather than finding out at the airport. The Post Office offer a fantastic check and send service that means a quick turnaround and don’t worry about renewing your passport too early as upto 9 months can be carried over to your new passport from your existing passport ( .
  • At the airport – With the general advise being to arrive at the airport no later than 3 hours prior to departure, did you know that there are lounges that you can go to for peace and quiet rather than waiting in the main departure areas with all the other travellers? The lounges often have views of the runways which is perfect for plane enthusiasts and include snacks, soft drinks and alcohol (excluding champagne) and start from as little as £15.00 per person. A much nicer way to start your holiday and great value.
  • In the air – If you are flying with an airline where food and drink isn’t included, feeding the family can get quite expensive, so why not take empty water bottles through security with you and fill them up from one of the many water stations dotted around the terminal. It can often be cheaper to buy a sandwich in departures rather than on the plane as well and Boots always has a meal deal on! When you get onboard, change your time to the time of the destination you are going to and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated as this helps with conquering jetlag and if you are on a longhaul overnight flight, pop a clear face mask on and then wash it off when you get home and your skin will feel smooth and lovely with no effects of the aircrafts air con.

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