Retro Workshop – where old becomes new again…

Hampshire-based engineer and entrepreneur, Peter Carr, has recently set up ‘Retro Workshop’ where he restores classic electronic devices back to their former glory. Customers come from far and wide, bringing their radios, record players, amps and guitar amps, ready for Peter to work his magic. 

Retro workshop

“Following a challenging career where I was working in I.T and electronics it’s refreshing to turn the clock back.  I’ll take on any electronic devices that were built between 1930 and 1980, not only making them work again but also ensuring they are safe to use. Valve testing is also one of my specialisms and I regularly have musicians visiting my workshop to have their valve amps tested and repaired”, said Peter

Once the insides of devices are fully functional, Peter turns his attention to the exterior. So often, beautiful vintage equipment shows signs of age following years of use, or storage in the attic. Peter works with local restoration experts who transform battered boxes into the works of art they once were.

Hearing that he was to receive a battered and bruised ‘RAP 646’ to restore was music to Peter’s ears, although there was no hope of any sounds emitting from the vintage radio in its dilapidated state! Dating from around 1946 these glamorous short and medium wave radios would have been the focal point of the living room but this one needed extensive tender loving care in order to make it worthy of a space outside of the attic…

Peter set about repairing the inner components, replacing those elements that were beyond hope, whilst the exterior was being restored by an experienced cabinet maker. The rear of the radio has a plate glass window in order for the workings of the radio to be admired as well as the polished wooden casing.

Photos show the RAP 646 radio before and after Peter’s care and attention.

Photos show the RAP 646 radio before and after Peter’s care and attention.

For those of that really appreciate both ancient and modern Peter can add blue tooth technology and a USB port to vintage equipment. Peter also runs courses to help others learn about valve technology, although if you are thinking this would be a good idea there are some pre-requisites, see the website for more details.

And if you don’t have a piece of equipment to restore then never fear – Peter offers a small selection of pieces for sale.

Retro Workshop

Take a peek at the Retro Workshop website or Facebook page, or call 023 8129 0567.