News from the treatment room - Jikiden reiki and animals

Resident blogger Amanda Apps shares this amazing story with us about how jikiden reiki helped Pepper the horse.

This month I send kind thanks to Pepper, Maxine (Pepper’s owner) and to my student for some of their words and permission to write about their experience of jikiden reiki.

Pepper the horse

My student was brought to reiki quite by chance and found me, again by chance, not knowing the difference or change in some types of “western” forms of reiki.  Jikiden Reiki is an original and the simplest form of the Japanese technique with no other influences.  Tadao Yamaguchi, the head of the Jikiden Reiki Institute maintains that there is no need to make it complicated by set routine hand placements or chakra stones when this simple but effective technique works in its original form. 

This student has been learning reiki since the start of this year and the other day was at the stable yard with her daughter who enjoys riding the horses.  However, on this occasion, the owner suggested that they went over to see one of the older horses who was very poorly.  Pepper was a 32 year old horse and had a very swollen abdomen and hadn’t eaten for about a week.  When they went to feed her in the morning Pepper’s abdomen was very swollen, so much so on one side that she was having difficulty walking.  The vet was called as she appeared to be in pain. Once the vet had checked her over the diagnosis was that she was likely to be riddled with cancer but without a scan they wouldn’t know for sure.  Heart failure was also diagnosed as her heart beat was so rapid. A wound under her belly had appeared which was leaking fluid.  The vet said that she wasn’t in pain as the fluid was draining so it would give Maxine time to say her goodbyes and make the necessary arrangements. The vet was booked to put her to sleep the following week unless she took a turn for the worse. 

Later that day my student took their own dog for a walk and took a small detour to come around past the horse again.  This time she took time to place her hands on the neck of the horse in order to perform Jikiden Reiki on the horse.  Jikiden Reiki is a simple technique where energy or chi (as in rei ki) is directed through the body so that it activates the natural healing process.  Many people do not realise that they can perform reiki not only on friends or family or even yourself but also your pets and other animals.  

Within in moments the horse’s ears and head dropped down and the eyes closed.  She remained for some time with the horse and eventually left to resume her walk.  However, she was deeply affected by the instincts of the horse and the way that it had totally relaxed while her hands were placed on it.

So my student gave reiki to Pepper every morning and evening on her dog walk.  My student said that it really it felt like a chance to say goodbye and she hoped that it would make Pepper more comfortable while the arrangements were made.  She was very sleepy with the reiki but after a couple of days she started trotting over to me and nuzzling her head into my hands.  It was like she was asking for help. When I stopped she would nuzzle for more.

This followed for the next few days and each time she could see an improvement in the demeanour and energy of the horse.  Her wound was healing and the owner of Pepper couldn’t understand why it was healing so quickly.  My student confessed to giving Pepper reiki!

When the vet came out she was shocked at the recovery this little pony had made.  Her abdomen was ‘normal’ size again, she was eating and her wound had healed dramatically.  The vet said that there was no need to put her down but to play it by ear.  Pepper was bought a fly sheet, a zebra striped one, to keep the flies off her wound.  It’s healed.  The vet has checked her since and the feeling was that she’s a happy little pony with a second chance at old age

Sometimes Jikiden Reiki can have amazing effects especially with animals who seem to absorb the energy even quicker than us humans.  She continues to improve and my student is equally amazed and ecstatic at the power of the energy around us.

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