10 reasons to consider having a boudoir photoshoot in 2019

Boudoir photography can give you confidence and self-belief

Boudoir photography can give you confidence and self-belief

Emma Maddox of Photos4ever Photography offers a boudoir photoshoot experience which make women feel great about themselves. Here she explains why the personal benefits go far beyond having a collection of pictures to treasure.  

My boudoir photoshoots are empowering and guarantee to show you the version of yourself that makes you feel great. The studio is private where the priority is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed while creating beautiful images that you will cherish forever. However - the benefits don’t end there. Here’s a list of 10 benefits from having a boudoir photoshoot.

1. Define sexy for yourself
No one else’s opinions matter, not the media, not social influencers, not past boyfriends, nor friends or family. Only your opinion matters!

2. Body Positivity
An opportunity to focus on what you love about your body, if you are unsure then let me show you through the lens of my camera.

3. Express yourself
Creating the looks that you want, whether it’s romantic, passionate, care free, natural, powerful or playful, it is a liberating way to feel free and have fun expressing who you are. There is more to you than your profession, or being a mum. Express it in beautiful images where you can see a different version of yourself.

4. Discover your confidence
Doing something out of your comfort zone is rewarding in itself. You can do this!

5. Vulnerability is Strength
Don’t let fear stop you. When you push through your fears and do it anyway you will feel proud of yourself, as well as a sense of achievement. I want to show you that you are beautiful. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

6. Self Love
Love yourself for how you look today - Your body will change for the rest of your life, your confidence never should.

7. Take time for yourself
For many of us we get so caught up in the day-to-day of our hectic schedules that we don’t take the time out to do something different, something exciting to try for ourselves. Each week rolls on to the next and before we know it, it’s Xmas and you wonder where the year has gone. Take the time to do something for yourself this year.

8. See a different side to you
Quite literally. when you look in the mirror what do you see? I will be taking images with the right lighting and angles that will show you a side of you that you probably weren’t even aware of. The right lighting and angles go a long way in creating beautiful images that are truly YOU, but a side of you that you often don’t get a chance to see.

9. Celebrating milestones
Celebrating a milestone helps you to recognize that special moment in your life. Acknowledge your achievements even if you don’t think they are huge or life changing because they all have a level of significance to your life.

Maybe you are turning 40, getting married, celebrating a big anniversary, received a promotion, changed your career path, had a baby or recovered from an illness these are life’s milestones that deserve to mark the occasion and be celebrated.

10. It feels good having great photos to cherish forever
How often does someone take a good photo of you? It is lovely when it happens, when a photo makes you feel good, but regrettably I imagine it doesn’t happen enough. Let me take a bunch of photos where image after image you think “wow that’s a great photo of me” it is guaranteed to make you feel great!

Emma Maddox of Photos4Ever explains the transformative effect of boudoir photography

Emma Maddox of Photos4Ever explains the transformative effect of boudoir photography

Photos4ever Photography is located in Bassett a short distance from Southampton city centre and has free parking. Emma works with you to create the perfect style of images. Take a look at her portfolio here: http://www.photos4ever.co.uk