Can a medium heal the living?

Amanda Apps explains combining Reiki with her skills as a medium can help heal people

Amanda Apps explains combining Reiki with her skills as a medium can help heal people

Winchester’s resident Reiki practitioner Amanda Apps has recently begun tapping into her powers as a medium. Here she explains her extraordinary journey and the significant overlap between the two disciplines she is immersed in.

In the last few months I have been on a journey.  A strange but enlightening journey and not what I expected my life to turn to.  I was once told “you may find yourself on a pathway that you do not expect but that it is meant to be and that it would take around 10 years”.  It was an off-hand comment that I did not really take notice of at the time but all these years later that little comment has reverberated around my head!

It has been a realisation that over all that time I have been attaining new skills without really being aware of what has been happening in the background but I now feel ready to share these events with you …

I have been working as a medium.  We all have challenges when we lose someone whether it is a relative, a friend, a child or even a neighbour and it is difficult to comprehend why.  I recognise that this pathway has a huge responsibility as people come for different reasons.  It may be that they are looking for answers but I find that it has the ability to bring peace and a great deal of comfort too.  I see this role as another part of healing – healing the inner soul.  How lovely if you are able to hear that your loved one has been around to see a recent event, that they are able to share a fond memory and verify that they are there and that they are well, comfortable and held within love.

Connecting the body and spirit
I feel that my Jikiden Reiki work has heightened my empathy but how this step crossed into being able to connect to spirit I cannot really say but I feel the energy around me growing and escalating.  

During a one-2-one medium session I can see, hear and feel the spirit around me.  It may bring tears but they are not my tears but the emotion of the spirit who is trying to get a message across.  During a sitting it is not me but spirit using me as a tool to get a message across to you.

It is a huge privilege and the key, I find, is to try to get some real detail about the spirit with me and about their relationship and perhaps even a fond memory of a holiday or gathering or something that they enjoyed doing.  In this way it adds relevance to the reading … it isn’t really about whether you will meet the partner of your dreams or about whether a decision is right or not as we all have choices but it is about how the relative can help us to make the right choice and, above all, knowing that they are okay and that they are around you and that there is no finality in death.  

How comforting to know that someone is around us and by our side and I do see this pathway as a huge gift.  I try to give heartfelt messages that convince each person that their loved one is communicating and therefore I am, perhaps, able to help people in need.  It can lay questions to rest and can be inspirational for the sitter.  It is difficult to comprehend that spirit is very intelligent that it has the perspective to go further than we can see, hear or know.  Even to understand that they are present can be difficult to conceive at times when we feel at a loss but they are always near, we just need to make ourselves aware.

The treatment room is evolving …

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